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Since 1976, Maine attorney Michael J. Levey has assisted spouses, unmarried partners and children in divorce, separation, child custody, protection from abuse and adoption cases. His contributions and leadership role have been recognized by the Maine Judiciary and the Maine State Bar Association. In November 2005, Mike was awarded the Advocate for Justice Award by the Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Court. In 2006, he was awarded the Maine State Bar Association Family Law Section Annual Achievement Award.

Family Law is:

  • The law of divorce which decides, for married couples: the parenting and residence of children; the payment of child support; the payment of spousal support; and the division of property
  • The law of parental rights and responsibilities which decides, for unmarried partners: the parenting and residence of children; and the payment of child support
  • The law of parentage which identifies the legal parents of children, including:  children of married parents; children who are parented by others, known in the law as “de facto parents”; children born of artificial reproduction; and children who are born of  surrogates
  • The law of protection from abuse which decides: orders to protect the safety of family members and children from abusive treatment; the parenting and residence of children; and the payment of child support
  • The law of enforcement and contempt which decides: collection of child support, spousal support or property awards previously ordered by the court; and sanctions against those persons who disobey previous court orders

Maine family law is practiced primarily in Maine’s Family Division, a part of the District Court, in which Case Management Officers make decisions early in the filing of a case:  decisions which are needed to ensure sound financial, living and parenting arrangements while the case is pending, prior to final trial before a Judge of the Maine District Court.

Michael’s divorce and family law practice. Michael J. Levey’s divorce and family law practice. In his family law and divorce practice, Mike plays different roles:

  • Mike represents husbands, wives and unmarried partners in the process of separation or divorce.  This involves negotiation with other parties and attorneys, as well as representation of clients in court.
  • Mike serves as Guardian Ad Litem for children in these cases. He interviews children and families, and makes recommendations to the Court as to parenting and living arrangements, which are in the child’s best interest.
  • Mike assists people who are in need of protection from abuse from others within their households.
  • Mike serves as a mediator in family matters, acting in a neutral role to help couples resolve differences.
  • Mike has substantial knowledge of the law affecting non-traditional families, including unmarried and same-sex couples, families with children born of artificial reproduction, and families with children born of surrogates.

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Resources on family law and divorce:

Maine Courts (link to www.courts.state.me.us/courtservices)


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