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Probate & Administration of Estates

Learn more about our Probate & Administration of Estates services below, including Guardianship & Conservatorship, Administration of Estates, and Will Contests & Other Disputes.

Guardianship & Conservatorship

Is a loved one in need of protection from themselves? Perhaps you have a parent who can no longer make reasonable decisions for himself or herself. In that case, the lawyers at Levey, Wagley, Putman & Eccher, P.A., would be happy to help you petition the Probate Court for guardianship (and/or conservatorship, which would give you control of the finances).

Learn more about our guardianship and conservatorship services here.

Administration of Estates

After the death of a family member, we will help you get your affairs in order, file any necessary paperwork, advise and assist you in administering the estate, serve as a mediator, and more.

Learn more about our administration of estates services here.

Will Contests & Other Disputes

For those involved in a dispute involving an estate, we can help assist clients through negotiation either in or outside of court.

Learn more about our will contests and other disputes services here.

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Areas We Serve

Our office is in Winthrop, Maine, located approximately 10 miles from Augusta, and 17 miles from Lewiston. We are also available by appointment to meet in the Brunswick/Topsham area and the Waterville area.